Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Film & dreams

It takes a lot of self doubt and realisation to be knowing what you really want to do in the future. Especially for me when my diploma is so different from what I yearned to be doing.

There was this time, I was just having a casual conversation with a full timer at an event job I was working for. She asked me what am I doing now. So I told her I just graduated from polytechnic. She continued to ask me what I wanted to do in the future and I confidently said I wanted to work in the media industry and my dream is to be a video producer, to create content and connect people digitally. She was like "wow, up till now I am still unsure of what I really want to do",  although she already has a stable full time job in a very reputable company.

I just felt that in this day and age, being able to seek for what you really want to be doing is tough and more often, having a good paying job > being happy at what you are doing.

I perceive myself as a dreamer (as cringey as it may sound) but sometimes, reality wakes you up from that dream and everything just feels like a forlorn attempt to find yourself.

Okay negative thoughts aside, I don't wanna make this blogpost so gloomy because POSITIVE VIBES!!!! So I'm gna share some film shots that I washed out yesterday.

Me by my friends:

Sher by me: 

Nevertheless, I am already so thankful for having my close friends and family around me to be constantly supporting my decisions, and that I am fortunate enough to be having a roof over my head, good education, food to eat, a book to read......